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· New & Used firearm sales
· Gunsmith services
· Gun sales on consignment
· Safety Class for Oklahoma Firearms License
· Firearm appraisals
· Digital firearm collection archival services
· Instant passport photos

New and Used Firearm Sales

Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc. maintains a large inventory of new and used firearms, including handguns, rifles and shotguns. Our inventory is constantly changing. We have many items on consignment from customers and estates. If a certain make and model of firearm is desired and not in stock please contact us. We do special orders all of the time. If the specific firearm is not an item we regularly carry, pre-payment will be required before ordering.

Gunsmith Services

Gunsmith, Mike Miller has attended factory armorer's academy training with Smith & Wesson , Ruger, Beretta, Glock and Remington has been a firearms instructor for the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), National Rifle Association and instructor for the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act since 1996. Mike has been a Federally Licensed firearms dealer since 1983, operating Timberwolf Sales, which handles the firearms transaction part of Bartlesville Shooting.

Bartlesville Shooting Supply offers gunsmith services which include, trigger work on handguns and rifles. Scope mounting and bore-sighting, cleaning and servicing, standard repairs, barrel work, re-chambering, installation of muzzle brakes and are now going to be offering firearm refinishing. This will include refinishing of stocks as well as bluing, Parkerizing and powder coating.

Consignment Sales

Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc. will sell your gun on consignment. Guns are constantly coming in from people who just do not want the hassle of selling the firearm themselves or want to insure who buys their gun has the required background check done on the purchaser. Many local attorneys use BSS to liquidate firearms from estates, divorces and some received as payment of services. All firearms sold by BSS are done as per BATF rules and background checks are done on all who purchase firearms from us. Our standard consignment fee is 25% of the selling price. (This may be modified on consignments of a large number of firearms.)

BATF rules require that if a customer brings in a firearm for consignment and then decides not to sell it he must complete a BATF form 4473 and have a background check done prior to transfer of the firearm back to him.

Safety Class for Oklahoma Firearms License

Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc. conducts monthly classes required by the State of Oklahoma for those seeking the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act Firearms License. This is an 8 hour class and is held on weekends. The class includes both classroom instruction and range activity. The cost of the class is set by Oklahoma Statute at $60.00. (A discounted group rate can be arranged for a special class.) This class covers use of force, the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, Safety (General, Range and Home), storage, fundamentals of handgun shooting, dynamics of ammunition and students must fire 50 rounds of ammunition with their handgun on the range.. This class is NOT intended to train an individual to adequately defend themselves with a firearm. It is urged for participants to receive prior basic handgun training prior to taking this class.

 For more information go to Oklahoma Firearms License 

Local classes for the safety & familiarization course for an Oklahoma Firearms License are conducted monthly by instructor by Charles M. "Mike" Miller. Please call us or check our calendar for dates of scheduled classes. A course registration form can be picked up at Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc.

The following is a list of costs for applying for/obtaining an Oklahoma Firearms License. Costs have been set by statute (OS§21-1290.14).

  • Safety and Familiarization Course:$60.00
  • Passport Type Photos(2)$10.00 (Available in class)
  • Sheriff's Office:(finger printing)$25.00 (Cards furnished in the OSBI packet)
  • OSBI: $100.00 (for the 5 year license) $200 (for a 10 year license)
  • Total :$195.00!

Of course there could be some additional costs IF YOU CHOOSE to rent a handgun from the instructor or purchase ammunition. At Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc.,Rental firearms are available for use in the class and ammunition is for sale. A couples discout is available as well as a discount of $20.00 off of the cost of the class if you purchase a firearm from Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc.

Firearm Appraisals

Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc. continually performs firearms appraisals for customers. Many are done for estates, divorces and for customers wishing to liquidate collections. Appraisals can be in the form of verbal or written. Fees vary on depth of research, written or oral appraisals.

Digital Firearm Archival Services

Bartlesville Shooting Supply Inc. will appraise, photograph and present a digital inventory of firearms for the customer. This will be in the form of a CD-ROM, memory card or flash drive with a printed copy for safe keeping. BSS will keep on file for one year a copy of the archive free of charge then it will be erased. The archive will be done in Microsoft Power Point format unless customer specified otherwise. Fees vary upon extent of collection.

Instant Passport Photos

Bartlesville Shooting Supply does instant passport photos right in the store for Concealed Handgun License applications and renewals, passports or any other identification service. Fee is $10.00 for the double image photo.